taste defines us …

Our brewery is slap-bang in the middle of the country’s finest malting barley-growing region – so, as you would expect, we use the riches on our doorstep.

We also use the resources from under our feet – chalk-filtered water from the brewery’s own well.

We source only the highest quality hops, selected for their aromas and flavours to create distinctive beers.

Moon Gazer Ale

A name inspired by the brown hares, with whom we are fortunate enough to see daily in the countryside around us – is available in six different styles: Golden, Amber, Ruby, Dark Mild, Gold IPA and our Gluten Free Pacific Pale Ale

In addition to this core range there is an ever changing offering of one-off special Moon Gazer ales and collab brews, some of which we show below.

Moon Gazer
Golden Ale
4.0% ABV

This golden ale has a fresh citrus aroma and well-hopped character, with fruit and hop flavours carrying through to the refreshing, crisp, dry finish

Moon Gazer
Amber Ale
4.0% ABV

This amber ale combines a full-bodied bitterness with fruity overtones, creating an impressive flavour and a smooth, lasting finish

Moon Gazer
Ruby Ale
4.0% ABV

A ruby-coloured bitter with a rich, spicy, roasted aroma and a full, malty body, resulting in a full-bodied mouthfeel and exciting finish

Moon Gazer
Gold IPA
5.0% ABV

This well hopped IPA combines USA and UK hops to deliver a fruity IPA which builds in bitterness leading to a crisp, dry finish

Moon Gazer
Dark Mild
4.9% ABV

This strong dark mild has a subtle blackcurrant aroma, full-bodied with a rich, fruity, sweet finish

Pacific Pale Ale
Gluten Free
3.9% ABV

A light golden ale using a Motueka New Zealand hop and Maris Otter malt. Hoppy and aromatic with lime and citrus

Specials & Seasonal Brews

Christmas Mash Up 4.4% abv

A fruity amber ale with a slight reed hue – a Christmas mash up of 12 ingredients for a seasonal treat.


Blonde IPA 4.8% abv

A light golden IPA, hopped with a plethora of USA hops. Brewed with Maris Otter extra pale.


Nelson’s Orange Ale 4.3% abv

A fruity amber ale infused with blood orange tea – kindly supplied by Nelson & Norfolk Tea Co.


Red IPA 4.9% abv

A fruity red ale with USA and New Zealand hops.


Raspberry Gold 4.2% abv

A golden ale with a gentle hint of fresh raspberry.


Mash Up Ale 4.4% abv

A chestnut ale, a hint of smoked wheat with rich fruitiness from six hops. Great best bitter style with strong hoppiness.

Moon Gazer Norfolk Pale Ale 4.5% abv

A fruity amber pale ale brewed with Maris Otter malt and five hops.


Chevallier Gold 5% abv

A golden, hoppy ale brewed using Chevallier heritage malt – a North Norfolk collaboration brew with Poppyland Brewery.


Moon Gazer Winter Porter 4.5% abv

A smooth, dark ale, lightly smoked and infused with orange and coriander.


Moon Gazer American Pale Ale 4.2% abv

A light golden ale, gently hopped with three American hops; Pekko, Centennial and Belma. Crisp, light and refreshing.


Moon Gazer Hop Bean IPA 5.0% abv

A collaboration brew with Cromer’s Poppyland Brewery and local coffee roaster Grey Seal – a golden IPA gently infused with cold brewed coffee.


Moon Gazer Red 4.0% abv

A fruity red ale which is designed to sit between our Amber and Ruby ale, an experiment in malt addition rates with what we think are great results.

Award Winning

We have also picked up a number of CAMRA and festival awards for our ales